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Stars are a symbol of good luck, ambitions, and fate. 

In spirituality, stars are seen as powerful bodies. Long thought to represent light, divine guidance, and wisdom.

Star jewelry is seen in many cultures around the world, often holding great spiritual symbolism and meaning. Many people, however, simply appreciate stars for their timeless beauty.

Stars have been associated with fame, quality, and prestige. If you want to tell someone that they're a star, there's no better way to say it than with this unique star signet ring. 

Made out of recycled stainless steel, our base metals ensure both environmental integrity and quality. To create our golden pieces, stainless steel is then PVD vacuum coated with real 14kt gold.

Physical Vapor Deposition is the most modern and eco-friendly process available that makes colour that lasts. 10x thicker than conventional gold plating, providing better corrosion resistance and high levels of durability.

Get the look and the quality without the high price!

0.04~0.33 inch(1~8.5mm) wide.


You are a Star Signet Ring


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