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St. Benedict medals are used in many ways, but always as a protection against evil. Some people bury them in the foundations of new buildings to keep them free from evil influences, while others attach them to rosaries or hang them on the wall in their homes. But the most common way to use the St. Benedict medal is to wear it. The medal can be worn by itself or embedded in a crucifix.

The circular cross shows that our lives are encircled by and centred in the Benedictine tradition of seeking God through prayer, work, hospitality, reverence, moderation, and stewardship. 

St. Benedict, the patron saint of Europe, was born in 480 AD, yet he remains a popular saint to this day. A man of strength, courage, and conviction, he lived a life of solitude and quiet contemplation before God. Only when nearby monks witnessed his holiness did they reach out and ask him to become their abbot.

However, the monks hated his strict rule and required devout dedication. St. Benedict revolutionized the running of monasteries, which led to multiple assassination attempts by agents of Beelzebub posing as the disseminators of God’s word.

His strength and devotion to God in spite of his trials remain especially relevant to today’s generation, who seem further away from Him than ever.

The central St. Benedict medal meaning embraces everything St. Benedict's life stood for and the things he valued most, especially in the monastic life.

Wearing this medal is a ward against Satan and the fallen angels encroaching evil. It stands for the power of prayer in times of temptation and suffering. It symbolizes how prayer creates peace within ourselves and in our communities.

Those who carry the St. Benedict medallion with them reject all evil and provide encouragement as we walk along God’s path, with the Gospel as our guide and Him as our light.


About the Pendant:

Material: 14 kt yellow gold plated recycled stainless steel. Hypoallergenic & Tarnish-free.

Size: 33x19x2 mm oval.

About the Chain:

Length: 18 to 20 inches, 20 to 22 inches.

Width: 3 mm.

Material: 14 kt yellow gold plated recycled stainless steel. Hypoallergenic & Tarnish-free.

Style: Curb chain.


Spiritual Weapon Necklace - Saint Benedict Cross


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