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Have you ever looked at your phone, only to discover the time is exactly 11:11? Or perhaps you noticed your favourite song is two minutes and twenty-two seconds long, and moments later ordered a cup of coffee that totalled $2.22? These are referred to as angel numbers.
I believe that we all have guardian angels who help us make the most of our earthly journey by sending us signs—one common one being repeating numbers.
Whether you believe that angels are sending you hyper-specific messages or that your subconscious is affirming your consciousness, angel numbers have made a lasting impression on our psyche. 
Part of what makes angel numbers so magical is that they appear in the most ordinary places. Angel numbers show up on clocks, timestamps, alarms and much more.
The reason angel numbers appear in the most mundane environments is that the spiritual universe is intentionally offering a gentle reminder that you're moving through something greater than any day-to-day circumstance could ever express.
You're on a mission. There's a purpose. And, especially when the road ahead feels foggy and unknown, the presence of an angel number can feel like a warm embrace. 
Freshwater pearls are known for their pristine white colour, while our stainless steel base metal is sustainable, water-resistant and hypoallergenic. Our organic pearl necklace is perfect for everyday wear. Layer it with more pieces or wear it by itself!

Materials: 14kt PVD gold-plated Stainless Steel ( clasp, extension chain and pendant), 5-7 mm round genuine white freshwater pearls.

Length:  14 inches extendable to 16 inches. Choker style. 

111 or 1111

One is a powerful manifestation figure. This is believed to indicate a "green light" from the universe. You are working with extraordinary support from your angels, guides, or ancestors, so — at that moment — the present and future are dynamically connected. 

222 or 2222

Two suggest balance, trust, and alignment. Experiencing two in a sequence could mean that someone — either in the physical realm or spiritual domain — is helping you get where you need to go.

333 or 3333

Three is an indication of magnetic creativity. Noticing the presence of three indicates that by leaning into your innate gifts, you'll find more value and abundance in whatever circumstances you are navigating. Your artistic expression is critical!

444 or 4444

Four symbolizes stabilization. Observing four as an angel number suggests that you are in the process of grounding, rooting, and cultivating an infrastructure that's truly built to last. 

555 or 5555

The presence of five suggests that major changes could be on the horizon. Five reveals that massive shifts might be in the works.  

666 or 6666

Although some may fear six (especially in a triplet), it has a supportive, compassionate, and empathetic nature. Six can be a gentle, much-needed reminder to treat yourself with kindness and understanding.

777 or 7777

Seven is lucky in angel numbers. seven invites you to branch out and explore possibilities beyond your comfort zone. Short-term gigs may become lucrative, so integrating your spirituality with your values is the perfect expression of this energy.

888 or 8888

One of the most divine numbers in numerology is eight, and observing this digit as an angel number (could reflect a connection to the spiritual universe in a powerful way. Fundamentally, eight is the symbol of infinity — the endless loop that transcends any singular lifetime — so don't be afraid to dive into your intuition when this angel number appears. 

999 or 9999

As the final digit in numerology, the presence of nine suggests a chapter may be coming to an end. Likewise, this is an excellent time to step outside your comfort zone, expand your horizons, and explore new territory. Whether you're interested in venturing into a new career or going back to school, the spiritual universe will be sure to support your courageous choices.


Angel Number Pearl Necklace - Freshwater Pearls


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