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Giving Back


Not all of us are fortunate to have the luxuries of life, and for some of us - not even the basic necessities. Andrea lost her parents when she was a baby, but her fortune came in another form: grandparents who raised her with love and encouragement to be the best version of herself. And yet, living in Ecuador where poverty is so prevalent, she could see little girls who lacked this too. Helping them came a mission close to her heart. Every year, 20% of all Epico’s profits are donated to the Karla Morales Foundation in South America. She is proud to support the future of young women through the LET GIRLS RISE program, because she truly believes: every single girl deserves a chance to be the best her.

Contribute directly to the future of hundreds of girls
through the delivery of scholarships, school kits, and the construction of community centers.

Jewelry Is Best When It Brings People Together.

- Andrea

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