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About The Epic Way

From handpicked natural healing stones to crystals and pearls, Epico believes that style can be eco-friendly too. Instead of using mined precious metals or inexpensive brass, each piece is sustainably made with recycled stainless steel.

Care for earth aside, we chose to exclusively make stainless steel jewelry with you in mind. Its properties are water resistant, tarnish & rust-free. Jewelry doesn’t count if it’s not shiny, high-quality, and — we believe — earth-loving too.

Who We Are

Creating demi-fine, eco-friendly jewelry, Epico’s mission is to inspire confidence by bringing affordable luxury to men and women everywhere. But we’re so much more than a style-forward jewelry brand. Based in Edmonton, Canada, everything we make is done in our workshop and crafted by hand.

No mass-production, no generic designs, no added costs from various middlemen — we believe in bringing accessible style directly to you. Every piece is designed for quality, uniqueness, elegance — and above all, meaning. 

The SHE Behind Epico Designs

Andrea, the founder and owner of Epico, is a Canadian-Ecuadorian designer based in Edmonton, Alberta. She has always been passionate about beauty & design.

Born and raised in Ecuador, she spent years as a model and international flight attendant before she moved to Canada — where her love for good style and culture came alive in the form of jewelry. She worked for four years as a fine jewelry designer, and combining her education in metalsmithing, business, and fashion design, Epico was born.

Nature and beautiful cities inspire her, as well as all the less fortunate little girls in Ecuador. Each year, a portion of Epico’s profits is donated to the Karla Morales foundation supporting the education of little girl's in South America.

We believe in the empowerment of women everywhere — specially the little ones.

Giving Back

We aim to inspire kindness and love through the jewelry we choose to make and share with the world. 

Every time you shop at Epico, we will make a $2 donation to the Compassion House Foundation.

The Compassion House Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization based in Edmonton that supports women from across western Canada who must leave their homes for cancer care.

Together, we can ease the distress of the cancer journey for women in Alberta.

In our house, no one battles alone.


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